In trying to be everything at once, the social network ended up being nothing at all.

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Facebook is like that awkward family dinner party you can’t leave. People around you are sharing moderately interesting stories from recent trips they took, they’re commenting on each other’s looks, and they’re arguing about politics. You’re not in control of what topic comes up, the conversation doesn’t really reflect your interests, and it’s mostly aggregated noise.

Except, all this is happening in writing.

As a time-suck that largely consists of memes, ads, and pictures of people I don’t know, I rarely find myself going to Facebook with a specific purpose in mind. The mindless scrolling is usually provoked by boredom, and Facebook is the last resort after the feed of any other available app has been exhausted. In trying to be people’s main source of news and entertainment, as well as a medium for publishing text, photos, and videos, they’ve ended up with a news feed that’s messy at best. Once spoon-feeding me information I’d chosen to receive, it has now replaced what I actually wanted with clickbait and ads. …

With Apple’s run of rapid and disruptive innovation having stagnated, the company needs to look elsewhere for revenue.

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The announcement of Apple’s new subscription services comes less than three months after the company announced they adjusted down their projected revenue— largely due to a drop in iPhone sales. In his letter to investors, CEO Tim Cook pointed to the strength of the dollar and “challenges” in emerging markets such as those in Asia (read: China) as the main reasons for the revised forecast. …


Karolina Wullum

Consumer psychology and behavioral science enthusiast. Previously at Google and Amazon, currently an MSc Marketing Analytics student at NUS Business School.

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